“The starting point is always the most testing and challenging part”. I happened to read this line once and I smiled because…  IT’S ACTUALLY SO DAMN TRUE. To begin the narration of any idea is the toughest part of writing. Once that ice is broken and the barrier between the writer and his/ her thoughts is gone, thoughts flow in its own course. They guide the writer and it is not the writer who sets the path or direction for any writing to happen. The introduction is a very important entity of creative writing. It can easily create a reader or even lose a reader. Many good writers spend a lot of time with the introduction of their creative writing work, because that sets the ball rolling for the writer.

Every writer under creative writing category would surely face this situation at some stage or the other. The idea of expressing oneself in words is not a cakewalk after all. Some describe it as a journey or a process that requires a lot of polishing at many stages. A creative writer could be a poet, a story teller, a script writer, a lyricist and so on. He or she creates a world of make believe events and circumstances which may not even seem like fiction. That is the quality of a true creative expression in writing. Such writing actually does make us travel along with the characters and the plot of the writer. Such writers are invaluable artists who are masters in capturing the attention of any kind of a reader. The writer actually creates magic with nothing to aid him except his talent to narrate something in the most creative manner. May be that is why it is termed as “Art”, as it is creation of something with almost nothing.

The followers of such writers could be any kind of a reader ranging from someone who bought a book to read to kill time in his train journey, or a lover of good reads who is always looking forward to reading something that is beautiful. I once saw a shine boy on the pavement reading an old tattered book, while he was waiting for his customer. I went up to him and asked him why he was reading that book with so much interest. He grinned at me, paused for a while to drink some water next to him and told me that reading actually made him feel less worried about his dirty hands that almost looked like charcoal and about the competition he was facing in that area with other friends of his who made more money than him. He could see relief though temporary, in reading something. I realized how powerful words are.

 It’s not something that is temporary. It makes people talk about it for years to come and they tend to keep going back to certain pages in certain books to live the emotions that a writer has lived with. And that suddenly brought a sense of pride in me that I am a writer too. I have always loved and enjoyed every simple creation of mine and after that incident I told myself that I would never let anyone make me feel otherwise.

Even a simple heart touching experience can turn one into a writer. The emotional connect with which the writing is undertaken, helps a person to literally play with words in such a way that he can create magic on paper and pour it into the reader’s heart. No writer can be trained to write something, he can only take birth when there is a strong need to express a thought or an emotion through the medium of prose, poetry or drama. Readers feel the sense of connect and innate bonding with the writings produced by such writers. This connect can never go out of fashion.


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