Vashi Station

This picture was taken in April 2020 when fear of COVID 19 was at the peak among Mumbaikars. The white building is the Vashi Train Station in Navi Mumbai where crowds of people would normally rush in and out of the Station. No vendors and auto rickshaws were seen. It was an unusual sight for a crowded space like this. A month into the lockdown, the usually overcrowded area was non-functional and deserted. The fear of becoming sick or losing loved ones among people was high.


A couple of months later in June 2020, the above picture taken in June 2020 shows a hoarding by a concerned leader telling the general public to not panic and follow protocols to stop the spread of COVID 19. A number of buildings were sealed. The number of COVID 19 cases reached 55,000. Coronavirus fear continued and people had locked themselves for months. No business activities could be seen. Neighbours stayed away from each other. Security guards kept strict vigil on people’s movements. Mumbai showed a contrasting view compared to its popular nickname, the city that never sleeps. Many migrant workers already left the city due to loss of livelihood.

Fish Vendor at Vashi

This picture taken in August 2020 shows a fish vendor in Vashi with his customers. Few business activities have started amidst COVID 19 fear. People chose livelihood over life to feed their families. Many have already left the city of dreams when lockdown started but many others pulled through months of lockdown and emerged in August 2020.

Vashi Station on 31st December 2020

With public transports resuming its services, hospitality and restaurant sector reopening, and migrants returning to the city, Mumbai is slowly making a comeback! The year 2020 ends on a positive note!