About Me

Heartiest Welcome to my Blog! I am glad that you found Mel Insights and checked out to know what it has to offer to improve your writing. You are at the right place because I write to teach and teach to write!

My name is Melody Kshetrimayum. I have written research articles, book chapters, commentaries, and reviews in reputed peer-reviewed journals and edited books. You can check out a few of my publications here: International Social Work, British Journal of Social Work, Economic and Political WeeklySociological BulletinIndian Journal of Social Work, and Routledge

Writing is like a planned trip that never happens UNTIL you get the right tips from the right people who experienced the same pain as you. With my on-the-ground experiences and expertise, I can contribute in my small ways to help you to address the challenges of academic writing.

Through this blog, I will share emerging developments in academic writing and the essentials of journal submission with academic writers like yourself who always look for what’s new.

Let’s create a writing community together by supporting each other and sharing new ideas. Get your writing into existence!

Note: This is my personal blog and it is not associated with TISS in any form.